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Pain Toolkit
  These tool kits were developed for the Practicing Physician Education in Geriatrics project supported by a grant from the John A. Hartford Foundation through the American Geriatrics Society. The tool kits are intended to help physicians better understand the common 'Geriatric Syndromes' and contain educational materials, suggested guidelines, forms and tools for evaluation, diagnosis and treatment.   American Geriatric SocietyThe John A. Hartford Foundation

The following tools, forms and educational materials are designed to assist physicians in gathering data from patients experiencing chronic pain, and to educate patients about how they can proactively manage their pain. 

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  Process Professional Tools
Educational Materials  
  Identify   H&P: Pain
PDF DOC files


Medical History
PDF DOC files
Daily Pain Diary
PDF DOC files
How to Complete the Daily Pain Diary
PDF DOC files
Geriatric Depression Scale (short forn)
PDF DOC files
Evaluation and Management of Persistent Pain
PDF DOC files
Using Medications for Persistent Pain
PDF DOC files
Living Well with Persistent Pain
PDF DOC files
Exercising with Persistent Pain
PDF DOC files
How to Stretch
PDF DOC files
  Follow Up   Pain Follow-Up Flow Chart
PDF DOC files
Persistent Pain Follow-Up Questionnaire
PDF DOC files
PDF DOC files
Opioids and Persistent Pain
PDF DOC files
Depression Medications for Persistent Pain
PDF DOC files
 Managing Constipation
PDF DOC files
Treating Pain without Pills
PDF DOC files
 Pain Care: Bill of Rights
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Download Training Materials:
Download Training Materials (4 MB)

Contains the additional materials not used in evaluation / management. These training materials describe the tool kit's rationale and illustrate its use (through the Case Study) in Persistent Pain evaluation.

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The tool kits are designed for use by medical professionals and are not recommended for use by lay persons looking to diagnose or manage a medical problem.

However, if you are not a medical professional but are interested in the issues addressed in the tool kits, we encourage you to download the tools and discuss them with your doctor.

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